How can I keep squirrels away from my bird feeder?

Squirrels think that the world is their buffet. Hang your bird feeder at least five to six feet off the ground and eight feet away from a tree limb. A baffle is a good idea. A baffle is an umbrella-shaped physical barriers that fits on a feeder pole or over the top of a hanging feeder. The easiest thing to do with squirrels is to learn to enjoy them.


What should I feed hummingbirds?

Feed hummingbirds a mixture of 1 part sugar and 4 parts water. Boil the water and then mix in the sugar. Do not use honey. Let cool before putting in feeder. This mixture can be stored for up to two weeks in your refrigerator. Change the liquid in your feeders every three days. Do not add red coloring to the liquid. Hummingbirds are attracted to red, so tie a red ribbon to the feeder or buy a feeder that has red on it.


How do I attract Cardinals to my backyard?

Cardinals like the cover provided by conifers. They enjoy black oil sunflower seeds and safflower seeds placed in platform feeders or on the ground.


Bird Seed and Bird Feeder Info:

A good source of information about bird feeding can be found at National Audubon's bird feeding basics web site:


If you find an injured bird or animal:

Contact the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Minnesota 2530 Dale St. N. Roseville, Minnesota 55113 Phone #651-486-WILD(9453)


If You Find an Injured Raptor

If you find an injured raptor (hawks, falcons, owls, eagles, etc), contact The Raptor Center at 612-624-4745. For more information on this wonderful facility go to


Bird Songs

For easy access to bird songs, go to


Birds Fighting with Your Windows?

If a bird won't stop fighting with your windows, check out the suggestions from the National Audubon Society at



Do you have a woodpecker hammering on your home? You can learn what you can do and why the woodpeckers are doing what they do by visiting the Cornell Lab of Ornithology at


If You Have Bats in Your House

As one who lives in a Batt House, I recommend the procedures outlined on the Bell Museum's site at


Prevent birds from colliding with your windows

Birds fly into your windows because they see their world reflected in the glass and think it's an escape route. You can reposition bird feeders closer to your windows and this will lessen the chances of a bird reaching terminal velocity before hitting the glass. Some people hang raptor decals on the ourside of their windows to distract the birds. Hanging things that flutter in the breeze in front of your windows can also be helpful.