If the plural of RBI is RBIs, does that mean they are run batted ins?

I wouldn't touch the Metric System with a 3.048 meter pole.

The food we get in school is payback for the education we get in restaurants.

What this country needs are road signs admonishing drivers to turn down their radios.

Never eat a poppy seed kolache before a drug test.

Be nice to others whether they return the favor or not. Why let others decide how you should act?

If only theater popcorn tasted as good as it smells.

The most expensive hotel room is the Imperial Suite at the President Wilson Hotel in Geneva, Switzerland. It runs $33,000 per night—if you have a coupon.

The trouble is that most of us are willing to do the least we can instead of the most we can.

A wife who is too smart for her husband is likely smart enough to keep him from realizing that.

It is unfortunate that, as we grow up, nature robs us of the knowledge of what youngsters are always giggling about.

What if celebrities gossiped about us? Which side would have to most to gossip about?

If your mother says you’ll regret it, you will.

Time makes all arguments unimportant.

Have you ever tried to fry an egg on the sidewalk?

I am owned by a large black dog. She doesn’t handle the hot weather well. It causes her to become a black panter.

Roebuck sold out to Sears for $25,000 in 1895. Today, Sears may sell $25,000 worth of goods in ten seconds.

One of the joys of summer is listening to the meadowlarks just singing in the grain.