Holy Spirit Retreat Center


From Sister JoAnn.  "On April 26th we have two of our Franciscan sisters coming to Holy Spirit Retreat Center to do a program on Owls and Bees,  since I know you are interested in these things could you put it out to the public.  We’d love to have you come, let me know if it might be possible?  Blessings and may you experience Joy this Easter season along with blessings these days of Holy Week.

Welcome Spring! Sunday, April 26. 1:30 pm – 3:30 pm Who's Who? WHAT  DOES  OWL  SAY?  S. Rita Brom will bring an owl (or more?) and her naturalist’s insights into the world of owls. What's the Buzz? S. Alice Thraen, Assisi Heights beekeeper, will share her wonder at the amazing world of bees. Free Will Offering. Holy Spirit Retreat Center. 3864 420th Ave Janesville, MN 56048. Phone: 507-234-5712. E-mail:  retreat@frontiernet.net. Web:  www.holyspiritrc.org