Taking nature for a drive


  The weeds along the road ditch bowed to the wind. 

  I nodded at them as I drove by on a blustery day.

  Roadside birds flew up ahead of my vehicle. Horned larks generally fly low and slowly off to the side. Lapland longspurs and snow buntings tend to wing upwards as if they were intending to leave the area. The snow buntings typically fly in a tighter formation than the longspurs. A Lapland longspur looks like a large, dark sparrow. Horned larks have a tawny color on their backs with a light underside. Their black tails stand out as they take off. The snow bunting males show a striking black and white as they take to the air when spooked. 

  The sun’s higher position in the sky changes things. It warms the inside of the car. It is a welcome thing. Winter is in no hurry to leave, but I’m headed down the road to spring.

  I like winter. I like spring.

Al Batt 2015