Nature by the yard

I’m pleased to be somewhere.

  I move about my yard. My yard is welcoming to all creatures.                   

  The wind had erased all tracks but its own.

  The snow had absorbed sound waves and quieted the world.

  The feeders were filled with American goldfinches. That hadn’t always been the case. They are partial migrants. Some stay, some go, but most are nomadic. Winter weather could cause the tiny birds to move in search of food. The good thing is that they do come back. I keep the feeders filled so that it would be possible for the goldfinches to go home again. 

  A friend put up bird feeders at his new home. Birding is enjoyable and educational. The feeders drew a nice crowd, including a Cooper’s hawk. This accipiter feeds on other birds. My friend said that he liked feeding birds, but not to one another. This happens whether we see it or not. It’s the way of the world.

  I may not always be pleased to witness such events.

  But I’m always pleased to be somewhere.

Al Batt 2015


Sun dogs live here.